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DISTRICT 5330 Global Grant Status

Grant Nr Description CLUB 5330 Club Prim. Spon. Global Sponsor Club Pres. OK DDF Credit DDF Wanted for Grant RI Status 17-18 MOU/ 990/ Dues/ Traing RI Year Club 17-18 Global
GG1860952Malaysia Kidney Disease EducationPalm-SpringsYESCLUBYES$13525000VERIFIEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1861534Mobil Dental UnitSan-Bernardino-SunsetYESCLUBYES$7000AUTH REQUEST *OK*MOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1863371Girls School SanitationSan-Bernardino-SunsetYESCLUBYES$2000VERIFIEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1752843Welfare Clinic AjylounaSan-Bernardino-SunsetYESCLUBYES$4000VERIFIEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1863588Potable Water for impoverished areaRiverside-SunriseNOCLUBYES$100024000VERIFIEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1757227Improve Literacy rate in JaggaihpetSan-Bernardino-CrossroadsYESCLUB*NEED PRES VERIFY*$100000APPROVED MOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1863514Women Education EmpowermentSan-Bernardino-CrossroadsYESCLUB*NEED PRES VERIFY*$100000SUBMITTEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1753381Pedagogical Use of IT educationSan-Bernardino-SunsetYES*DISTRICT**GRANT* NOT REGISTERED$8000NaNAUTH REQUEST *BLOCKED*MOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1861532Brain Surgery Equipment*Unknown*NOCLUB*GRANT NOT* REGISTERED$5000SUBMITTED / / /17-18*NOT QUALIFIED*
GG1746400Hospital Regional De UmuaramaPalm-DesertYESCLUB*GRANT NOT* REGISTERED$9865NaNDRAFTMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1747730Care for children and young adults RedlandsYESCLUB*GRANT NOT* REGISTERED$0*DDF NOT* AUTHORIZEDDRAFTMOU - District only / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18*NOT QUALIFIED*
GG1860583Kumasi Ghana Disability ProjectPalm-Springs-SunupYESCLUB*GRANT NOT* REGISTERED$0*DDF NOT* AUTHORIZEDDRAFTMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1864438Providing water to Ramlieh VillageSan-Bernardino-SunsetYESCLUB*GRANT NOT* REGISTERED$0*DDF NOT* AUTHORIZEDDRAFTMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1864576Basic education improvementSan-Bernardino-SunsetYESCLUB*GRANT NOT* REGISTERED$0*DDF NOT* AUTHORIZEDDRAFTMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1866078Rotary Mobile Clinic Mother CareE-Club of World Peace D5330YES*DISTRICT**GRANT NOT* REGISTERED$0*DDF NOT* AUTHORIZEDDRAFTMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1865779Gallito Water preojectSan-BernardinoNOCLUB*CASH ONLY*$0*CASH ONLY*SUBMITTEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1752923Guatemala Literacy ProjectLa-QuintaNOCLUBYES$33748626DRAFT MOU - District only / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18*NOT QUALIFIED*
GG1745135Saving Child Soldiers by EducationTemeculaYESCLUBYES$00CANCELLEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes16-17Qualified
GG1743716Empowering the Visually ChallengedPalm-SpringsYESCLUBYES$14130SUBMITTEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes16-17Qualified
GG1642555Maternal Health and Child CareRancho-MirageNOCLUBYES$16480APPROVEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes16-17Qualified
GG1636485Surgery for colonrectal cancerSan-Bernardino-SunsetYESCLUBYES$5000DRAFTMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes16-17Qualified
GG1524489Music equipment for 400 childrenSan-Bernardino-SunsetYESCLUBYES$00DECLINEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes16-17Qualified
GG1639415Youth Self Help DeterrentPalm-DesertYESCLUBYES$50000SUBMITTEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes16-17Qualified
GG1642745Guatemala Literacy ProjectLa-QuintaNOCLUBYES$25410SUBMITTEDMOU - District only / Yes / Yes /Yes16-17*NOT QUALIFIED*
GG1746039San Jacinto School Kids TechnologyHemet-SunsetYESCLUBYES$206120SUBMITTEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes16-17Qualified
GG1634076Clean water for Bata SurMurrietaNOCLUBYES$40000SUBMITTEDMOU - District only / Yes / Yes /Yes16-17*NOT QUALIFIED*
GG9533016Special Polio Account for 2016-17*District 5330 District Grant AllocationNOCLUBYES$31500CLOSEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes16-17Qualified
GG1747173Project Peanot Butter Sierra LeonePalm-Springs-SunupYESCLUBYES$3780054340DRAFTMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes16-17Qualified
GG1750923Solar Power & equipmentSan-Bernardino-SunsetYESCLUBYES$2000DRAFTMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes16-17Qualified
GG1743948Health for Children DisabilitiesSan-Bernardino-SunsetNOCLUBYES$00DECLINEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes16-17Qualified
GG1642064Music InstrumentsSan-Bernardino-SunsetYESCLUBYES$5000APPROVEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes16-17Qualified
GG1639603MexicaliIdyllwildNOCLUBYES$10000SUBMITTEDMOU - District only / Yes / Yes /Yes16-17*NOT QUALIFIED*
GG1744526Peru Water Project*District 5330 District Grant AllocationNOCLUBYES$2000SUBMITTEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes16-17Qualified
GG1757902Water storage for farmers cropsHemet-SunsetYESCLUBYES$942216578SUBMITTEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes16-17Qualified
GG1412865Scholarship for Taylore HuntRiverside-SunriseYESCLUBYES$30000CLOSEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG1417655Transportation Vehicle For Galilee CenterPalm-DesertYESCLUBYES$0CANCELLEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG1412751Oduworo Village, UgandaLake-ElsinoreYESCLUBYES$33863PAIDMOU - District only / Yes / Yes /Yes*NOT QUALIFIED*
GG1412488Project Peanut Butter-Sierra LeonePalm-Springs-SunupYESCLUBYES$248600CLOSEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG1412483RI Global Grant for Disc Mill for RUTF Production Palm-Springs-SunupYESCLUBYES$15000CLOSEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG1419958Oral health for rural HondurasSan-Bernardino-CrossroadsYESCLUBYES$157210PAIDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG1412387Guatemala Literacy ProjectLa-QuintaNOCLUBYES$2027CLOSEDMOU - District only / Yes / Yes /Yes*NOT QUALIFIED*
GG1415804Mil Sonrisas Cleft Lip Palate project*District-5330YESCLUBYES$0CANCELLEDNo MOU / Yes / Yes /No*NOT QUALIFIED*
GG1418054Indo-American VTT and VTC*District 5330 - 2013-14YESCLUBYES$10000CLOSEDNo MOU / Yes / Yes /No*NOT QUALIFIED*
GG1422606Guatemala Literacy ProjecLa-QuintaNOCLUBYES$35000PAIDMOU - District only / Yes / Yes /Yes*NOT QUALIFIED*
GG15259094630 District Brazil Recycle ProjectPalm-DesertYESCLUBYES$50000PAIDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG1526057Bangladesh Floating SchoolsHemet-SunsetYESCLUBYES$00CANCELLEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG1528554Friends Forever Peace ProjectRiversideNOCLUBYES$00DECLINEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG15262111000 Smiles Surgery Room EquipmentHemet-SunriseYESCLUBYES$10654PAIDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG1526386Kumai Village Water Distribution SyLake-ArrowheadYESCLUBYES$144470SUBMITTEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG1527062Karur Rotary MicroCredit CentreMenifeeYESCLUBYES$10946PAIDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG1528449Project Peanut Butter/GhanaPalm-Springs-SunupYESCLUBYES$229920PAIDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG1528816HAPPY SCHOOLS INDIATemeculaYESCLUBYES$00CANCELLEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG1524017Rotary Hands Across Waters (RHAW)RiversideNOCLUBYES$00CLOSEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG1530832Rotary Dharan Hemodialysis project,Palm-DesertYESCLUBYES$200000PAIDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG15273341000 Smiles Med Equipment - SD Spon*District-5330NOCLUBYES$61250CLOSEDNo MOU / Yes / Yes /No*NOT QUALIFIED*
GG1529150Jorge Pavez Chile Project Corona-Circle-CityYESCLUBYES$69820PAIDMOU - District only / Yes / Yes /Yes*NOT QUALIFIED*
GG1531565Guatemala Literacy ProjectLa-QuintaNOCLUBYES$33340PAIDMOU - District only / Yes / Yes /Yes*NOT QUALIFIED*
GG1531240Provide schooling water filersSan-Bernardino-SunsetNOCLUBYES$4300SUBMITTEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG1638932Happy Schools District 3080San-BernardinoYESCLUBYES$100000PAIDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG1636666Rotary Peace Education InitiativeRedlands-SunriseNOCLUBYES$100000PAIDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG1637631Toilet blocks and hand washing San-Bernardino-SunsetYESCLUBYES$80000PAIDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG1640672Peacebuilding Training*District-5330NOCLUBYES$2500PAIDNo MOU / Yes / Yes /No*NOT QUALIFIED*
GG16431601617 Scholars J. Cronk & M. ParimiRedlandsYESDISTRICTYES$25610PAIDMOU - District only / Yes / Yes /Yes*NOT QUALIFIED*
GG1639367Haiti - Cervical Cancer ScreeningRiverside-SunriseYESCLUBYES$302860SUBMITTEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG1634489Hope After Fire Phase 2MurrietaYESCLUBYES$7198PAIDMOU - District only / Yes / Yes /Yes*NOT QUALIFIED*
GG1641093Social Action Community Health SystSan-Bernardino-CrossroadsYESCLUBYES$00CANCELLEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG1642501Indo, Brazil & USA Learning CentersSan-Bernardino-SunsetYESCLUBYES$5000CANCELLEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG1641886Tijuana Oeste Dental Health ProjectLake-ArrowheadYESCLUBYES$9009100DRAFTMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /YesQualified
GG1640954SAFE WATER PROJECT , Santa EulaliaMurrietaNOCLUBYES$15000APPROVEDMOU - District only / Yes / Yes /Yes*NOT QUALIFIED*
GG1617SCHGlobal Scholarships District-5330 ScholarshipsYESDISTRICTYES$238117619VERIFIEDNo MOU / Yes / Yes /No*NOT QUALIFIED*

Global Grants Available for Funding(Click Ref # for Grant summary, Click Grant # to Transfer DDF)

Ref# Grant # Description 5330 Club Primary 5330 District Sponsored CLUB DDF Credit Estimated DDF Wanted for Grant Club Qualification Status (DDF Transfer Blocked if not Global qualified)
4713GG1641886Tijuana Oeste Dental Health ProjectYESCLUBLake-Arrowhead$900$9100Global
5126GG1617SCHGlobal Scholarships YESDISTRICTDistrict-5330 Scholarships$2381$17619Global
5686GG1747173Project Peanot Butter Sierra LeoneYESCLUBPalm-Springs-Sunup$37800$54340Global
6291GG1860952Malaysia Kidney Disease EducationYESCLUBPalm-Springs$1352$5000Global
6156GG1757902Water storage for farmers cropsYESCLUBHemet-Sunset$9422$16578Global
6562GG1863588Potable Water for impoverished areaNOCLUBRiverside-Sunrise$1000$24000Global
6617GG1752923Guatemala Literacy ProjectNOCLUBLa-Quinta$3374$8626District

Global Grants

Global grants support large international activities with sustainable, measurable outcomes in Rotary’s . Grant sponsors form international partnerships that respond to real community needs.

What they support

Global grants can fund these :

  • Humanitarian projects
  • Scholarships for graduate-level academic studies
  • Vocational training teams, which are groups of professionals who travel abroad either to teach local professionals about a particular field or to learn more about their own

How to use them

A key feature of global grants is partnership, between the district or club where the activity is carried out and a district or club in another country. Both sponsors must be before they can submit an application.

To be successful, your application must:

  • Be sustainable and include plans for long-term success after the global grant funds have been spent
  • Include measurable goals
  • Align with one of our areas of focus
  • Respond to real community needs
  • Actively involve Rotarians and community members
  • Meet the eligibility requirements in the grants

are accepted throughout the year and reviewed as they are received.

How they’re funded

The minimum budget for a global grant activity is $30,000. The Foundation’s World Fund provides a minimum of $15,000 and maximum of $200,000. Clubs and districts contribute District Designated Funds (DDF) and/or cash contributions that the World Fund matches. DDF is matched at 100% and cash is matched at 50%.

How to apply

A Global Grant Proposal must be submitted to receive approval for DDF allocation and to be able to receive DDF transfers from other clubs. The online DDF Transfer process provides District Staff a means to track Global Grants for our clubs and club DDF usage.

After District approval:

Step 1 - Initiate your Global Grant Application on the Rotary International website - www.rotary.org/en/grants. You must have your partner club identified in order to add detail to a Global Grant application.

Step 2 - Advise 5330 Grants admin that you have initiated your Global Grant and provide the grant number at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

Step 3 - Complete your Global Grant application on www.rotary.org/en/grants. Other clubs may transfer their DDF to your project by using the DDF Transfer/Contribution form.